Group introduction / Chairman's speech Hunan 亿电竞 Environmental Protection Technology Investment Co., Ltd. [official website]


  How do you do!
When you visit our website, we have a good beginning to exchange and seek common development for common goals. On behalf of all the staff, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who cares and supports the development of our company. Thanks to your understanding, trust and support, Futian Xingye group has been developing steadily.
Over the years, we have always adhered to the spirit of "honesty, diligence, pioneering and innovation". We regard quality as the life of our company. We should be calm and calm in the fierce market competition and actively explore the market. The company has maintained a relatively high speed of development and good growth. It has been opened by a real estate company. The development of the industry has become a large enterprise group with many enterprises, such as real estate development, engineering construction, industrial investment, agricultural industrialization, food processing and marketing, environmental assessment, environmental engineering design, environmental protection engineering construction, and so on.
Development is the eternal theme and cooperation can continue to develop. My colleagues and I will always put the interests of customers first in order to create a bright future with a more open mind and a broader mind and all our friends.

Chairman of Hunan 亿电竞 environmental protection group: Hu Sheng



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