Group introduction / qualification honor Hunan 亿电竞 Environmental Protection Technology Investment Co., Ltd. [official website]


  • Demonstration unit of soil remediation project

  • Government legislation grassroots contact points

  • Excellent enterprises in environmental management industry

  • 3A credit rating in 2019

  • Provincial Environmental Protection Industry Association chairman unit

  • Advanced private enterprises

  • Leading enterprises in soil remediation

  • Provincial recognized Enterprise Technology Center

  • Model workers' home

  • Ten major soil remediation Enterprises

  • Qualification certificate for construction enterprises

  • Certificate in engineering design qualification

  • Engineering design qualification B

  • Hunan provincial science and Technology Progress Award three prize

  • Grade two of organic waste treatment

  • Grade two of industrial wastewater treatment

  • Grade two of domestic sewage treatment

  • Hunan province Shou contract heavy credit unit

  • Special design of environmental pollution prevention and control project in Hunan

  • Changsha Book Private Enterprise

  • 2017, Hunan's environmental management industry is advanced.

  • Top ten enterprises of environmental protection industry in Hunan in 2017

  • China Environmental Protection Industry Association

  • Hunan's environmental protection enterprises "go out" in 2016

  • Certificate of occupational health and safety management system

  • Environmental management system certification (亿电竞 )

  • Certificate of quality management system (亿电竞 )

  • Unit member of Hunan Environmental Management Industry Association

  • 3A credit rating certificate

  • Certificate of high tech enterprise



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