Group introduction / group overview Hunan 亿电竞 Environmental Protection Technology Investment Co., Ltd. [official website]


Hunan 亿电竞 environmental protection group was founded in 2007, the company is located in Changsha hi tech Development Zone, "亿电竞 environmental protection group science and Technology Industrial Park", the existing staff of more than 300 people. Under the jurisdiction of Hunan 亿电竞 Environmental Protection Technology Investment Co., Ltd., Hunan Province nine party environmental protection machinery Co., Ltd., Hunan 亿电竞 Environmental Protection Technology Investment Co., Ltd. Chongqing environmental protection engineering branch and so on more than ten sub branches.

The company is a 3A level enterprise in the Central Association, vice director general of Hunan Environmental Science Society, vice president of Hunan Environmental Protection Industry Association, the first batch of pilot units of national environmental services, one of the backbone environmental protection enterprises supported by Hunan provincial government, and has high brand awareness and enterprise influence in the domestic environmental protection industry.

Hunan 亿电竞 environmental protection group is committed to remediation of contaminated sites, solid waste management, black odor water treatment and ecological restoration, sludge treatment and disposal, environmental protection products production and sales and other fields. It has environmental protection engineering contracting major, environmental engineering pollution remediation engineering special class A, environmental engineering solid waste treatment and disposal project grade A, environmental engineering water pollution prevention and control project grade A, Hunan environmental pollution prevention project special design service capability ecological restoration class A, Hunan environmental pollution prevention project special design service ability, water pollution prevention and control class A, Municipal utility engineering general contracting two, fire fighting facilities engineering professional contract two, building curtain wall engineering professional contracting two, domestic sewage treatment two, industrial waste water treatment two, organic waste treatment two, air pollution control engineering for environmental engineering, special grade B, general contracting of construction, three grade, general contract of mechanical and electrical engineering construction three, and building mechanical and electrical installation. Professional contract three grade and other professional qualifications.

Hunan 亿电竞 environmental protection group has excellent management team and R & D personnel, and has established close cooperation with well-known research institutes and enterprises at home and abroad, including AECOM, University of Washington, Norway National Academy of Sciences, Norway life science and Technology University, Danish COWI company, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University and lake. South University, Central South University of Forestry and Technology and so on. Not only to ensure that the company's technology level is in the lead in the country, but also enable the group to have a strong market competitiveness and promote the rapid upgrading of the industrial value. It has become the most growing enterprise in the field of soil remediation in the field of solid waste industry in China.

Under the state's good environmental policy and situation, Hunan 亿电竞 environmental protection group will play its own advantages and forge ahead. It will surely realize the ten major brands of state-level high-tech enterprises, state-level engineering and technology centers, China's environmental protection industry, and the strategic targets of listing A shares in China, making greater contributions to the cause of environmental protection in China.



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