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Party building leads new ideas, government and enterprise co construction promotes development

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On the afternoon of April 23, Wen Tao, Secretary of the Party branch of the science and Finance Department of Hunan Provincial Ecological Environment Department and Chaitian, Secretary of the Party branch of Hunan Environmental Protection Industry Association, led all Party members to hengkai environmental protection to carry out the party building interconnection and co construction activity. Wang Jutao, party secretary and President of hengkai environmental protection, he LANGPING, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president, Guo Hui, full-time Deputy Secretary of the Party committee and representatives of the party branches, attended the meeting Activities.

During the activity, Secretary Wen and his party visited the party masses' office, exhibition hall, secretary's talking room, reading room and other party mass activity positions of the company, listened to the company's party building work, and highly affirmed that the company attached great importance to Party building work.

Secretary Wen and his party visited the company's party mass activities

At the forum, Secretary Wen, Secretary Chai and Secretary Wang respectively exchanged views on the practices and achievements of Party building work in their respective units, stressing that they would share resources and seek common development with the help of the activities of Party building interconnection and co construction.

A forum on the interconnection and co construction of Party Building

Secretary Wang pointed out that the board of directors of the company fully supports the party building work, promotes the group construction and enterprise culture construction through Party building, enhances the cohesion and centripetal force of Party members and cadres, and promotes the sound and rapid development of the enterprise. While doing a good job in Party building, the Party committee of the company also actively helps and drives more than 20 other new energy, energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises in the park to carry out party building work.

Secretary Chai said that hengkai environmental protection has always attached great importance to Party building and made great efforts to do a good job in Party building, which is worthy of learning and learning from other party organizations in environmental protection industry.

Finally, Secretary Wen shared with you the experience of studying "Xi Jinping's ecological civilization construction thought". He proposed that protecting the ecological environment is protecting the productive forces, and improving the ecological environment is the development of the productive forces. We should adhere to the correct development concept and development mode, update the production concept, deepen the reform of the system and mechanism, accelerate green development, strengthen scientific and technological support, and pay attention to development We should display quality and efficiency, build an ecological Iron Army, do a good job in Iron Army demonstration, coordinate and promote it as a whole, and actively mobilize the participation of the whole people to jointly build a beautiful China, and realize the organic unity of people's wealth and ecological beauty.

This exchange activity is a beneficial attempt of "interconnection and co construction" between Party organizations of government organs and Party organizations of non-public enterprises. It is a powerful exploration to further consolidate and deepen the achievements of theme education activities, improve the level and effectiveness of grass-roots party building, and boost the development of enterprises. It creates an exchange platform for Party building work in the environmental protection system, and builds a bridge for Party building activities and resource exchange

Next, the party organizations of the three units will carry out party building exchange activities from time to time. Through the party building interconnection and co construction, the normalization mechanism of government enterprise party building interconnection and co construction will be established, and a new pattern of grass-roots party building will be gradually formed, which will provide solid organizational guarantee for the construction of "red Changsha, green home" and accelerating the revitalization and development of Hunan


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