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"Employee's home" won the title of "environmental protection model"

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On the morning of April 29, the promotion of the construction of Leifeng new city in Changsha high tech Zone and the fourth commendation meeting of model workers was held. The meeting commended a group of advanced collectives and individuals in group work, such as the fourth labor model, Lugu good people, outstanding young entrepreneurs, etc. hengkai environmental protection trade union was awarded the title of "model worker's home", and Xing Hanjun, vice president, was named "young post expert" of Changsha City. The award of this honor is not only a great affirmation and encouragement of the trade union work of the company for many years, but also shows that the trade union of the company dares to shoulder a new mission in the new era, and the work of the trade union has achieved new results.

In recent years, under the leadership of the general trade union of the higher level and the company's Party committee, the trade union of the company, with the goal of building a "mother's family" trusted by employees, guided by the vanguard of good employee service, advocates "taking employees as the foundation, taking care of the heart", taking the initiative, innovating and developing, standardizing management, expanding the connotation of family building, thinking about what the employees think and what the employees are anxious about, so as to promote the transformation of the trade union We have achieved remarkable results in the work of upgrading and caring for employees, which has played a positive role in the realization of sustainable and harmonious development of enterprises.

Give full play to organizational functions to ensure the safe and stable development of the company

In 2019, the company set up a new trade union committee, funding Committee and women staff committee in the general election, timely replaced the legal person qualification certificate of social organizations, and formed a highly standardized trade union: with brand name, official seal, system, office space, activity records, trade union accounts and files, as well as the articles of association of the trade union, the system of workers' Congress and the labor union At the same time, the labor dispute mediation committee and the labor law supervision committee were established, and the collective wage agreement, special contract for the protection of women workers' rights and interests, and the collective contract of Hunan hengkai environmental protection group were submitted to the superior trade union on time to safeguard the legitimate interests of trade union members.

In order to enhance the employees' legal concept of fire protection and safety awareness, the trade union has established an enterprise safety production management system, actively carried out fire safety training and drills, carried out regular safety production inspection, timely popularized fire protection knowledge to employees, inspected and maintained production equipment and equipment, improved the ability to eliminate fire hazards, and provided guarantee for the safe and stable development of the company.

Give full play to the caring function and help the poor precisely

In order to ensure that the trade union funds management and services for employees are more accurate and in place, do good deeds and solve difficulties for employees, and timely send the warmth of the organization to the hearts of employees, the trade union obtains funds through the company's funds, which are mainly used in employee marriage, childbirth, hospitalization and funeral.

Every year, the trade union of the company will issue a certain amount of cash, shopping vouchers or living materials on traditional festivals such as the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid Autumn Festival; While caring for employees, we also care about their children. We set up a school entrance Award for their children. For those employees whose children have been admitted to the four famous schools in Changsha and a university, they will be rewarded for their children's further education.

The labor union of the company has set up "employee Mutual Aid Association" to help employees solve their urgent needs and practical difficulties, so that employees can enjoy interest free loans when they are in difficulties, and has solved the interest free loan demand of 20 people, totaling more than 500000 yuan.

The company actively participated in public welfare activities, fulfilled its social responsibilities and returned to the society. It organized love donations for employees Xu Hao, participated in targeted poverty alleviation activities of education in Suxian District of Chenzhou, "ten thousand enterprises help ten thousand villages" to help Jiaohua new village get rid of poverty precisely, actively donated and donated anti epidemic materials to support the epidemic prevention and control of Xinguan, demonstrating the strength of private enterprises.

Give full play to the service function and improve the quality and cohesion of employees

In order to facilitate employees to acquire skills and knowledge and improve the quality of employees, the trade union of the company often invited professional teachers to carry out dozens of different types of training, regularly sent employees to participate in the training and learning of external professional institutions, conducted reading and learning seminars from time to time, distributed inspirational books to employees, built a cultural front for the party and the masses, and opened reading rooms to let employees in their spare time There is a world of learning.

At the same time, the leading group of the trade union also strengthened their own learning and carried out the education activities on the theme of "never forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission", so as to improve their working enthusiasm and members' satisfaction.

The trade union of the company takes the creation of "happy hengkai" as the carrier, actively organizes various cultural and sports activities, sets up interest groups, and holds basketball games, speech competitions, reading clubs, interesting sports meetings, Orange Island Head "fluorescent night run" and Yuelu mountain climbing activities, which enrich the cultural life of employees and strengthen the cohesion and centripetal force of employees.

With this opportunity, the trade union will continue to improve the level of workers' Union, improve the level of workers' organization, and strive to make it more scientific and innovative ”We should unite and lead the broad masses of workers to listen to and follow the party forever, and strive to create a new situation in the work of trade unions.


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