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Standardize business process, smooth information sharing, improve work efficiency

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According to the business development needs, management requirements and information construction planning, hengkai environmental protection deeply promotes the office informatization construction, realizes collaborative office and mobile office by using OA system, and comprehensively improves the enterprise management level and operation efficiency. On March 23, hengkai environmental protection started the construction project of new OA system. After intensive demand investigation, process construction and business test, the overall system platform has been built and will be put into trial operation on May 18.

In order to better enable employees to skillfully use the OA system, realize paperless office and data-based information, and promote the smooth development of the company's work, hengkai environmental protection organization held a new OA system training meeting on the morning of May 16. Yang Yang, director of the Information Department of the group, presided over the meeting, and more than 200 people from the company's headquarters, project departments and operation units participated in the training and learning.


At the beginning of the meeting, he LANGPING, vice president, made a mobilization speech. She said that the meeting was not only a work deployment meeting to implement informatization, but also a mobilization meeting to call on the company's employees to unify their ideas, clarify their objectives and improve the management level of enterprises.

In view of the application and management of OA system, she put forward three requirements: first, all staff should seriously study and master the operation skills of OA system; second, strengthen the management of OA system to ensure the normal use of the system; third, do a good job in security work to ensure data security.

Finally, she stressed four key tasks: first, do a good job in training to ensure that the staff training rate reaches 100%; second, do a good job in data migration to ensure the accuracy of file data and personnel information; third, do a good job in testing to ensure that the file flow is correct and the workflow meets the requirements; fourth, do a good job in operation and maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of the OA system.

The meeting was carried out by the combination of on-site training and video live broadcast. The staff of the company headquarters and the base participated in the multi-functional hall of the main venue of the headquarters. 14 project departments and operation units, including Maqiaohe project, Baimashan canal project, Yueyang project, Liuyang Yong'an project, Changning Shuikoushan sewage treatment plant, Songbai sewage plant and Guangxi Diaojiang project, set up sub venues for remote participation train.

This paper introduces the common problems of OA system, such as login and operation process, and introduces the operation process of OA system.

The comprehensive management department, financial department and Human Resources Department of the company separately send lecturers to preach the business process of their respective departments. They are interspersed with interaction, and the content is close to the reality, which is very vivid and interesting, and the employees listen carefully. After the training, the staff asked questions about the questions they didn't understand, and the lecturers answered them patiently.

Huang Jing, the chief executive of human resources, publicized and implemented the OA operation management system, explained some matters needing attention in detail, and announced the official release of the management system.

As the portal of the company's future information management system, the new OA system carries the heavy responsibility of standardization and process of the company's business development in the future. It is hoped that all departments can cooperate to establish a dynamic, standardized, efficient and easy-to-use enterprise process management system through the application of information system to continuously improve the management level and operation efficiency of the company.


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