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Soil remediation: the policy of Dongfeng raises trillions of banquet

Due to many problems such as unclear power and responsibility, insufficient capital source and unclear profit pattern, China's soil pollution control work has been difficult for a long time. In March 6th, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the implementation of the action plan for the prevention and control of soil pollution. Date: 2017-04-01

Water ten and PPP superimposed release, how do traditional water enterprises find locations to catch up?

In the past two years, the water pollution control action plan (hereinafter referred to as "water ten") and other water environmental governance policies have been introduced and the economic stability has been better. In 2017, it will become the new year of water pollution control industry. Subsequently, the environmental protection industry will also... Date: 2017-04-01

"13th Five-Year" energy conservation and environmental protection industry development plan "issued

Express news! The development plan of energy saving and environmental protection industry in 13th Five-Year has issued a bigger and stronger energy conservation service industry, innovating the contract energy management service mode, improving the benefit sharing mechanism, promoting the business mode of energy cost trusteeship, energy saving guarantee, financial leasing and so on. Date: 2017-02-16

Notice of the State Council on the action plan for the issuance and prevention of soil pollution

Soil pollution control action plan soil is the material basis for sustainable economic and social development. It is related to the health of the masses and the construction of beautiful China. Protecting the soil environment is an important part of promoting the construction of ecological civilization and safeguarding national ecological security. Date: 2016-06-03

Action plan for soil pollution prevention and control issued

The State Council issued the "action plan for soil pollution prevention and control" (hereinafter referred to as "soil ten articles") on 31 March to strengthen soil pollution prevention and control and gradually improve soil environmental quality. The ten article of the soil put forward that by 2020, China's contaminated farmland will be safely utilized. Date: 2016-06-01

The Ministry of environmental protection replied to the action plan for the prevention and control of soil pollution.

The head of the Ministry of environmental protection replied to reporters that the State Council issued today's action plan for soil pollution prevention and control (hereinafter referred to as "soil ten articles"), which has made a comprehensive strategic plan for the prevention and control of soil pollution in China in the coming period. In order to go deep into... Date: 2016-06-01

"Water ten" raise the standard to govern the five kinds of water difficult geometry?

Following the "air pollution control action plan" (ten of the atmosphere), another major pollution prevention and control plan of China, "water pollution control action plan" (hereinafter referred to as "water ten"), has entered the countdown. Someone has revealed that the important goal of water ten is to cure. Date: 2014-12-11

China will fully implement the sewage permit system.

From January 1st next year, all pollutant discharge units in our country must carry out certified emission permits. This is a clear stipulation made by the new environmental protection law. Accordingly, the Interim Measures for the management of pollutant discharge permits formulated by the Ministry of environmental protection (hereinafter referred to as the measures) are being sought publicly. Date: 2014-12-10



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