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  • Aerobic fermentation and resource utilization technology of sludge from municipal sewage treatment plant

    The company's R & D team, after extensive market research and technical demonstration, developed aerobic fermentation + low temperature heat drying + incineration technology on the basis of aerobic fermentation. The process can efficiently recover the heat generated by incineration and reduce the amount of heat.
  • Remediation technology of organic contaminated sites

    At present, in situ repair or remediation of contaminated sites is mostly performed in situ or ectopic. After a lot of research and research, the R & D team has formed an organic pollution field dominated by biotechnology and integrated with physical and chemical repair methods.
  • Biological deodorization technology

    Scope of application: sewage treatment, sludge treatment, kitchen / domestic waste odor treatment, pharmaceutical factory waste gas treatment, odor treatment of farms, odor treatment of food processing and other odor control projects. Technical advantages: friendly environment, no two pollution, efficient...
  • Long term purification technology of water ecology

    Core technology: the principle of vertical flow ecological filter technology: the mixed sewage is stored and deposited through the front pond, and then enters the chemical phosphorus removal Chi Chulin. (if the water does not exceed the standard, it does not open, and passes through the passing pipe). Then it enters the vertical biological filter to remove BOD, SS, and so on.
  • Treatment technology of heavy metal pollution in farmland

    The company has undertaken a number of projects for heavy metal pollution control in farmland, including the demonstration project of Cadmium Contaminated Farmland repair VIP+n technology demonstration project in Yunshi bridge, Yunxian Lake Town, Xiangtan County, and the first phase demonstration project of arsenic contaminated farmland soil remediation in Guotai bridge, Cili county (upstream of Shimen realgar mining area). Already...
  • Solidification / stabilization technology for heavy metal pollution

    Technology principle: heavy metal solidification / stabilization technology refers to mixing contaminated soil with solidified / stabilized chemicals, immobilizing toxic heavy metals in soil by chemical or physical means, transforming heavy metals into non-toxic or chemically inactive forms.
  • Combined stabilization and solidification of heavy metal pollution - special pharmaceutical products for environmental and ecological restoration

    The principle of technology utilizes the chelation, passivation, lattice and mineralization process of various proprietary agents to make the target contaminants lose toxicity and mobility, and form a kind of highly stable mineral structure, such as hematite, which can resist the leaching of acid and alkali in the natural environment.
  • Biological drying integrated treatment and disposal technology

    The cylindrical multi row multi-layer sludge biological drying integrated treatment and disposal device is a technological leap from static aerobic composting to dynamic aerobic composting. The technology originated from the 1998 national key project (96-909-01-04-03A-), which uses urban sludge to produce organic fertilizer.
  • Constructed wetland technology

    Water purification technology in constructed wetland system is an ecological engineering method. Sewage mainly purify the system through physical, chemical and biological pathways of substrate, plant and microorganism. Our company has constantly improved and perfected artificial wetlands in practice.
  • CJS heavy metal pollution treatment technology

    Heavy metal pollution is caused by industrial sludge, industrial wastes, municipal sludge produced by municipal sewage treatment plants and river silt, etc. Our company will treat hydrometallurgy and chemical treatment.
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